Own and licensed products

We are developing partnerships to offer biological products. Currently, we have our own brand to offer to franchisees and will continue to build our portfolio through agreements with suppliers of this product line.
Nutrition and biostimulants
We offer a specialized line of solutions that cover soybean, corn, sorghum, beans, coffee, sugar cane, peanut, pasture, and fruit and vegetables. We have partnerships for the development of Goplan brand products, meeting all the needs of the grower.
In addition to a soybean seeds processing plant in the Midwest of the country, we license soybean varieties from companies with the largest market share, with high-performance germplasm, and access to biotechnology traits solutions. These cultivars are part of our offer package for our franchisees and growers.
Crop protection
We have as partners suppliers and large agribusiness companies that occupy a prominent position in the global production of pesticides. Multinational companies that own plants and have a strong competitive position in terms of costs and quality assured.

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